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    澳门皇冠最新地址‘But yes, monsieur. Quite well I remember your friend. But,’ he hesitated slightly, ‘he did not strike me as being so much pleased with the lunch as you suggest. I thought indeed he considered the restaurant not quite——’ He shrugged his shoulders.


    As Lefarge thought over the matter, he saw that the statement was one which admitted of a good many tests, and he felt that, if it stood those he had enumerated, it might be fully accepted.
    ‘Ay, it was something like that. East or West. West, I think. An’ it was something like John. Not John, but something like it.’
    ‘You will forgive me, mademoiselle, but I had to satisfy myself you were the lady I wished to meet. I asked you these questions only to ensure that you knew the answers. And now I shall tell you who I am and what is the business at issue. But first, may I ask you to keep all I may tell you secret?’


    1.These were ascertained with some slight difficulty—M. Guillaume Leblanc, rue Verte, Marseilles, and Mr. Henry Gordon, 327 Angus Lane, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow—and the detectives bowed themselves out with compliments and thanks.
    2.‘What’s that you say? He says he heard from me? There must be a mistake there, monsieur, for I did not write to him.’
    3.‘From M. Felix himself. He gave it to Mr. Burnley here, saying it was from you.’
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